The Rembrandt Difference

The Rembrandt difference comes directly from our Dutch roots and values which we simply describe using the Dutch term “gezellig”. You need to be Dutch to pronounce it but you don’t need to be Dutch to love and want it! You can sense, see, feel, touch and taste it in everything we have, we do and we are – everything Rembrandt!

There is no English word or easy description of “gezellig” however if we cross paths, say you come to our home or have someone come to yours, you will understand what it is. It means warm and welcoming, it is where people are friendly and use straightforward language and old fashioned manners. It is a way of living where everyone is known by their name and almost family-like. Our hearts are warm, our rooms are homely and our halls are filled with trinkets and things that remind us of home and days gone by. Our food is seldom fancy, always comforting and never eaten alone. Life is celebrated enjoying others’ company with fun and frivolity.

We are proudly a small, not for profit provider truly dedicated to the wellbeing of our residents and clients. We offer high quality, down-to-earth services that have been enjoyed by people of all cultures, not just the Dutch, for over 25 years.

Rembrandt: The art of life – living a life that has a meaning and relevance, being happy.

Meet Ria McKenzie, a Rembrandt Volunteer

I have spent many enjoyable hours and some sad times (with my Mum's passing) at Rembrandt Living as family member, a worker and volunteer. My involvement started in late 1996 when my mother came to live at Rembrandt Court and I have had the opportunity to serve on the Board and the Residents Committee.

I currently volunteer in the Café assisting customers, ordering and stocking the shelves with the Dutch goodies. I can often be heard telling customers that stock is not always available as it is imported from Holland and just like I came to Australia by ship our stock also comes by ship and those ships only come in at certain times of the year.

My aim as a volunteer is to ensure that the Café continues as a success and that SinterKlaas in December continues to grow and improve. I believe that the Café plays an integral part in the Residents and their families' lives as the Café provides a meeting place for a cup of coffee and a chat. Drinking coffee has long been a traditional and cultural part of Dutch life and an added benefit is being able to enjoy food that is familiar to them. As a volunteer, I enjoy talking to Residents and their families.