Our Vision

(what we aspire to)

People living their best lives.

Our Mission

(what we do)

Offering people an environment and the means to improve their health and happiness by providing quality individual care driven by our guiding principles.

Our Purpose

(why we exist)

To provide a unique Dutch style of service that enables people to live their best possible lives as they age.

Our Guiding Principles


This is our foundation guiding principle and is inherent in everything we do. There is no English word to describe it, however it means home is comfortable, warm, cosy where people are friendly, welcoming, almost family like and use old fashioned manners.


People and their best interests are at the heart of everything we do.

Purpose & Independence

We encourage independence and everything we do has meaning and relevance.


We are committed to treating people equally regardless of ethnicity, sexual orientation, religious background, status or position.


We are straightforward, helpful, open and honest in the way we support people in our care, their families and our staff.

Empathy & Agility

We show compassion, empathy, flexibility and are responsive.


We celebrate whenever possible – achievements, happy days and special occasions.

2020-22 Strategic Plan

Horizontal 1: Year 1

Horizontal 2: Years 2 & 3

1. Maintain our core business of providing safe & quality services. 1. Sustain our core business of providing safe & quality services.
2. Grow our home care market share
3. Expand our offerings to community allied health services. 3. Expand established community allied health services model
4. Invest for improvement and efficiencies in our people, our assets & in new technologies.
5. Monitor new opportunities and assess each as they arise. 5. Seek out and investigate new business opportunities including mergers/acquisitions.

2019-20 Business Objectives

Operational excellence Safe and quality services Dynamic, engaged, competent & safe staff Established allied health model Improved assets, infrastructure & adopted technologies Increased brand awareness Abreast of emerging trends, influences & opportunities
Meet Nicoline Hermans, a Rembrandt Enrolled Nurse, pictured here with Rembrandt Court Resident Theo

“The singing nurse”

I started at Rembrandt Court in 2015 fresh from The Netherlands.

You can generally hear me from a distance, I am always singing to residents, in dining rooms, the Nurses Station, or just in the corridors. I love to sing and talk in Dutch, I speak a bit of German and even a couple of Polish words.

I like being a source of positive energy to those around me, the residents but also my co-workers.

I am an Enrolled Nurse and have been working in aged care since I was a 15 year old, starting in the Netherlands and now Rembrandt has taken my heart.