Covid-19 Updates

Covid-19 Update – Tightening of Visiting Rules (02/08/2020)

Our number one priority remains to avoid COVID-19 infiltrating Rembrandt. The events in SA over the past day have prompted us to tighten our visiting protocols. We have resisted altering visiting times, however we are now asking (and enforced from Monday 3 August 2020):

  1. Please minimise visits – we ask that you keep visits to once or twice a week
    wherever possible;
  2. All visits must occur only in resident rooms (no common areas, no Café, no
    Main Hall please);
  3. Please minimise resident outings and be extra vigilant in relation to the
    places you go – avoided crowded areas and ensure that COVID-safe practices
    are followed at all times.

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Department of Health Fact Sheet (19/06/2020)

Families and residents on restricted visits to residential aged care facilities
To protect older Australians living in residential aged care facilities during the COVID-19 pandemic, Governments have put restrictions on visits. We continue to move towards a COVIDSafe Australia and ease restrictions around the country. During this time some restrictions will remain in place for aged care facilities to protect older Australians. Other restrictions are being eased. This fact sheet aims to explain the restrictions and the reasons behind them.
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Covid-19 Update – Lessening of Restrictions (19/06/2020)

The reduction in restrictions means that:
1. Residents are now allowed to leave the facility and re-enter (please see section below “Residents Leaving Site” for more information);
2. A visitor who has arrived in SA from the Northern Territory, Tasmania or Western Australia is no longer required to quarantine for 14 days;
3. Children under 16 are no longer prohibited from visiting; and
4. Rembrandt can allow more than one care and support visit to a resident on a particular day (on application under certain circumstances).

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Covid-19 Update (28/05/2020)

  • Easing of visiting restrictions
  • Easing of deliveries restrictions
  • Clarification on residents leaving site & update on staff escorts

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Due to the rapid spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) the Board and Management have made the difficult decision to place Rembrandt Living into PANDEMIC ORANGE ALERT status from 6pm Saturday 14th March 2020.

The elderly, especially those with pre-existing conditions like diabetes, heart disease, and lung disease (i.e. almost all of our clients and residents) can be severely affected by the virus, even fatally. We have a duty of care to keep our residents, clients and staff safe.

This was not an easy decision and we ask for your understanding and cooperation.

What this means (until further notice):

  1. Only “important” (of significance, pressing or urgent) visitors at both Rembrandt Court and the Home Care & Health Centre.
  2. All large group activities cancelled including Uit en Thuis social groups.
  3. All Allied Health group classes cancelled.
  4. Modifications will be made to ‘less critical’ types of home care services.
  5. Volunteers are asked to stay home and
  6. Only “important” (of significance, pressing or urgent) contractors on-site.

Thanks again for your understanding.