Rembrandt Membership

Becoming a member of Rembrandt Living is voluntary and does not automatically entitle or influence entry to the Rembrandt Court Residential facility or Home Care Services.

Members can be any individuals who have agreed to accept the organisation’s objectives (as listed in the Constitution under the “About Us” tab). There is a $0 annual fee for membership, however, membership application forms must be submitted yearly. All Membership Applications are considered for approval by majority vote of the Board.

The benefits of membership include attendance and voting rights at the Annual General Meeting; election of the Board member and overseeing of the Constitution.


Download Membership Application Form.

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Meet Sylvia Laaber, Rembrandt Home Care Coordinator

“Making a Difference”

In May 2003 I emigrated with my husband and two sons from the Netherlands. In 2005 I started working at Rembrandt Living and am currently a Coordinator for our Home Care services. I love my job because I can make a difference. I enjoy the connection and rapport I have with our clients and residents and sharing our cultural backgrounds speaking Dutch, German and English at work.

My passion is organising cultural events and fun social days for our clients and residents to enjoy. Over the years Rembrandt Living has given me the opportunity to study and grow with my last achievement successfully completing an Advanced Diploma in Management.