About Us

About Us

Rembrandt Living offers high quality, down-to-earth Social, Home Care, Residential (Rembrandt Court) and Respite Services that have been enjoyed by people of all cultures, not just the Dutch, for over 25 years. We are proudly a small, not-for-profit provider with staff that are truly dedicated to the wellbeing of our residents and clients.

Rembrandt: The art of life – living a life that has meaning and relevance, being happy.

The Rembrandt Difference

The Rembrandt difference comes directly from our Dutch roots and values which we simply describe using the Dutch term “gezellig”. You need to be Dutch to pronounce it but you don’t need to be Dutch to love and want it! You can sense, see, feel, touch and taste it in everything we do.

There is no English word or easy description of “gezellig” however come to our home or have someone come to yours, you will understand what it is. It means warm and welcoming, it is where people are friendly and use straightforward language and old fashioned manners. It is a way of living where everyone is known by their name and almost family-like. Our hearts are warm, our rooms are homely and our halls are filled with trinkets and things that remind us of home and days gone by. Our food is seldom fancy, always comforting and never eaten alone. Life is celebrated enjoying others’ company with fun and frivolity.

Rembrandt Living is a proud member of Leading Aged Services Australia (LASA), a national association providing advice, services and support for aged service providers, giving a strong and influential voice on issues of national importance. We also have staff certified in the “Positive Approach to Care”, helping our staff to shine a positive light on dementia.

Our History

Rembrandt Living exists today due largely to one woman’s unsuccessful search in the 1980’s to find culturally appropriate aged care services. The realisation that there were lots of people in this difficult situation following the mass European immigration following World War II drove this woman to set about changing this. This woman is Tinie Nieuwenhoven (pictured here).

Tinie (and a willing group of helpers) set about establishing a service that would allow people to live together in a community designed for their physical and cultural needs. The Dutch (and other northern European) languages, festive days, food and other customs would be made accessible in a community atmosphere improving the wellbeing of all. After years of fundraising, lobbying, hard work and knock-backs Rembrandt Living’s residential facility Rembrandt Court in Oaklands Park opened its doors to its first residents in 1993.

Tinie was very particular in that the home and any services provided had to be “gezellig”, a Dutch term meaning homely, warm and welcoming – there was to be nothing institution or hotel-like. Over the years, this homely, welcoming and straight-forward “Dutch” way has been sought after by not just those of Dutch descent but Belgians, Austrians, Germans, Indonesians and even true-blue Aussies. Currently we provide services to people of over 15 different cultures and enjoy meeting all of their needs, including their cultural needs.

Tinie’s sheer tenacity, work ethic, empathy and strength of character lives on in the culture and values of our organisation today. We can proudly say that this was verified by Tinie herself on a recent visit to Rembrandt Court.

Rembrandt Membership

Becoming a member of Rembrandt Living is voluntary and does not automatically entitle or influence entry to the Rembrandt Court Residential facility or Home Care Services.

Members can be any individuals who have agreed to accept the organisation’s objectives (as listed in the Constitution under the “About Us” tab). There is a $0 annual fee for membership. All Membership Applications are considered for approval by majority vote of the Board.

The benefits of membership include attendance and voting rights at the Annual General Meeting; election of the Board member and overseeing of the Constitution.

Download Membership Application Form here.