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Dementia care

Positive Approach to Care®

With excitement we announce that Rembrandt Living recently became the first Teepa-Snow-led Positive Approach to Care® (PAC) Aware Accredited aged care service in Australia (and only the second outside of the United States). Thanks to our vision and Rembrandt Living team’s hard work, we are able to make this dream a reality!

The Positive Approach to Care®, developed by Teepa Snow, is specific dementia training for individuals and teams on the chemical and physical changes in the brain, how that affects a person’s abilities, and what others might be able to observe. The training is focused on recognising an individual’s needs, and how caregivers can support those with brain changes in a more positive and respectful way with therapeutic approaches.

“The guidance you showed is invaluable for families.”


What is the Positive Approach to Care®?

The Positive Approach to Care® aims to change the culture of dementia care and decrease the stigma around dementia with positive, educational training. PAC is for every individual connected to those living with brain changes and dementia. The PAC team believes every caregiver and person living with dementia is doing their best, and that when they know better, they will do better.

Positive Approach to Care® training focuses on education on the physical and functional changes occurring in the brains of those with dementia. PAC operates on the belief that when we understand how dementia affects people at these levels, we can more effectively provide care to these individuals.

What is PAC Designation?

A PAC Designated organization such as Rembrandt Living demonstrates the work, willingness, and dedication to change its culture of care using PAC skills.
The four levels of PAC Designation, listed by achievement level, are:

  • Competent
  • Skilled
  • Knowledgeable
  • Aware

Training is based on solid skills and relationships, according to Teepa Snow. Whether training is in-person or virtual, trainers use coaching and personal feedback. Rembrandt Living is proud to be a PAC Designated community, and to use these practices within our community.

What is a PAC certification?

PAC certifications allow individuals to train, consult, or coach caregivers, care staff, or members of the community on PAC practices.

Who is Teepa Snow?

Teepa Snow is an occupational therapist and dementia care and education specialist. She has worked in numerous hospitals, facilities, and rehabilitation centres in clinical, leadership, teaching, and research roles. These experiences helped her form her current approach to care, which she began developing early in her practice career.

Teepa Snow’s positive approach fits Rembrandt’s strong belief in the power of education, and how supportive, positive dementia care can change the lives of these individuals and their family members.

Rembrandt Living already provided specialised dementia care to our residents and clients, but we now are fully incorporating the additional skills learned from our PAC training. PAC helps our residents, clients and their families see the person living with dementia, and not just the dementia. In this way, all parties are better equipped to understand what’s happening and respond in a more meaningful way.

Rembrandt Living is a boutique aged care provider who offers high quality, down-to-earth Home Care, Residential Care (Rembrandt Court) and Respite Services for people of all backgrounds. Although we are of Dutch origin, our genuinely home-grown environment has been sought out and enjoyed by many different cultures. We are proudly a small, not-for-profit provider with staff that are truly dedicated to the wellbeing of our residents and clients.

Rembrandt Living aim is to care for your family as we do our own. We are committed to the partnerships that allow us to continue learning, educating, and supporting our residents, clients, and their families.