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Day respite

4 hour period in our facilities

Take advantage of our centre-based respite, available during the day. You may need some well earned time out while your loved one benefits from a change of scenery and some enjoyable social activities in a safe environment.

This gives you a break or some personal time while the person you care for benefits from social activities .

Our Day Respite Program between 10am and 2pm includes lunch and takes place at both our southern and northern metropolitan centres: Rembrandt Court (Oaklands Park) and Green Fields (adjacent Mawson Lakes). Transport can also be arranged.

  • Type of respite – Centre based at either Oaklands Park or Greenfields
  • Amount of care – Day (4 hours): 10am – 2pm
  • Cost of care – Contact us to discuss individual cost assessments
  • Min. booking – 1 Day session

“The Rembrandt Living family and community are all so lovely!”


How to make a booking

Let us assist you to access our respite services. We’re happy to help with arrangements. Send us an email using this contact form or call us
08 8198 0300

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