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The Rembrandt difference


‘Gezellig’ aptly describes the Rembrandt difference, which comes directly from our Dutch roots and values.

It may be hard to explain and even harder to say but is easy to understand the moment you walk through our doors. At Rembrandt you can sense, see, feel and experience it in everything we do.

Woven through our Dutch heritage ‘Gezellig’ is a term we fondly use at Rembrandt all the time. In our environment it means a place of warmth and welcome, where people are by nature friendly, unassuming and caring towards each other. It is a way of living where everyone is known and made to feel like family – where hearts are kind, rooms are homely, halls are filled with trinkets and treasures, and stories old and new are shared and enjoyed – especially at meal time. Wholesome, hearty food fills you with comfort while in our inclusive and eclectic space, life and people are celebrated at every opportunity. In every way we work together to provide a place that truly feels like home.

“We appreciate your hard work, the extra hours and the hairnet! Thank you for always supporting our staff and advocating for our beloved residents.”

Staff Testimonial